Our Mission


Our Mission at WMR-Republicans:

Promote, Elect, and Lead

Promote Republican values and ideas;
Elect candidates that support and promote these values and ideas; and
Help them lead effectively based on our common principles.

Our Principles:

  1. More Individual Freedoms, Less Government Interference
  2. The protection of the individuals God given and constitutionally recognized rights: freedom of speech, religion and association; Smaller more efficient government;
  3. Respect for the rule of law;
  4. Less taxation on individuals, businesses and investments. Our state economy benefits when hard-earned dollars are left in the hands of those who earned them;
  5. The removal of burdensome regulation on individuals and businesses, while recognizing that limited regulation is necessary to ensure fair competition;
  6. Policies, which further the preservation of our environment and natural resources;
  7. The private property rights of all individuals;
  8. The accountability of public schools to ensure that public funds are spent wisely, and that educational progress can be effectively measured and evaluated;
  9. The freedom of parents to send their children to schools that succeed;
  10. Teaching students about America’s national heritage and the responsibilities of citizenship.

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