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From the Chair
by Greg Neffinger

Well it has been a little over a year since I look over as Chairman of the WMR (Western Massachusetts Republicans), an organization that was about to become defunct.

Thanks to a few individuals that thought that there was still a need for a Republican presence in Western Massachusetts emails and letters were sent and a good number of folks came out and said "we want to see WMR continue". The WMR is basically a PAC Committee, which by definition is an organization that raises money for political purposes. But we really are more than that. The WMR is a venue where we have been able to connect with other concerned Republicans, and for that I am grateful.

The WMR also connects with candidates and potential candidates that need financial help and maybe some practical campaign advice. We organized a successful annual picnic this summer where we raised money and
also heard from candidate, and elected officials.

Your support is more critical now than ever before. There is a dramatic political shift occurring in our country.

Where is political change more necessary than here in Massachusetts? Across our State both the legislature in Boston and at the local level, Democrats hold 85% of the elected offices. Yet registered Democrats are now a minority with un-enrolled being 53% of registered voters. My prediction for 2020 is that Donald Trump will win Massachusetts bigger than Ronald Reagan did in 1984. Now I’m sure many of my fellow Republicans think I am reading my tea leaves all wrong but what if it were to come true.

Are we prepared to jump at the opportunity to help our local candidates set elected and to take back control of our State for the first time since 1952?

Now that the Mueller report has found no collusion or obstruction, as I predicted on my Facebook page, the Democrats and the corrupt media are more vulnerable than ever. So please join me at our annual meeting and help us prepare to take back our State.

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