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1. We stand on principle. 
    The WMR stands up for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights
    and the rule of law.

2. Every day, we act on the principle that no one is above the law. 
    In America, no one is above the law.

3. We defend freedom. 
    Time after time, our work has played a defining role in protecting 
    and advancing individual rights and the rule of law.

4. We protect the personal freedoms you cherish. 

5. We take on politicians and government officials who ignore the 
   Constitution and put liberty at    risk.  
   That's why WMR advocates work tirelessly to change laws and 
   government actions that violate the Constitution. We get out the facts, 
  and when our freedoms are on the line, we mobilize grassroots
  support to protect our civil liberties.

6. We believe in an America that is both safe and free. 
   There are always those in powerful positions who wrongly insist that 
  we must trade away our fundamental freedoms to secure our safety.
7. WMR challenges intolerance and bigotry wherever we find it. 
   We work to root out any and all attempts to deny people the equal 
   protection under the law that the Constitution guarantees.

8. We are a citizen-supported organization. 

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